Policies for Reporting Crime Data

The University of Georgia Police Department prepares annual crime statistics to comply with the Clery Act. Crime statistics for the previous seven years can be located on the University of Georgia Police Department web site at www.police.uga.edu. Crime statistics are prepared in cooperation with the local law enforcement agencies surrounding the University’s main campus in Athens, Georgia as well as the campuses located in Griffin, Georgia, Tifton, Georgia, Gwinnett County, Georgia, and the University’s study abroad programs in Oxford, England, Cortona, Italy, and in Costa Rica. Crime statistics are requested from law enforcement in additional jurisdictions as appropriate. UGA Housing, the Office of Student Conduct, UGA Health Services and other campus security authorities also may report criminal incidents to the UGA Police Department. All campus officials that have interactions with students should report any crime brought to their attention to the University of Georgia Police Department. Reminder emails are sent to units on campus who may receive reports of crime. The victim of the crime will make the choice to have their case investigated and/or prosecuted, with no pressure from University Police or University officials, provided, that in the event that a reported crime indicates the possibility of an ongoing risk to the University and the surrounding community, the University of Georgia Police Department will follow up and take necessary steps to clarify the circumstances of the reported crime, address the ongoing risk (including through the issuance of a timely warning, if appropriate), and communicate with the community to reduce opportunities for potential similar crimes.

Campus crime, arrest and referral statistics include those reported to the UGA Police from the sources listed above and local law enforcement agencies. These statistics may also include crimes that have occurred in private residences or businesses and is not required by law.

Availability of Annual Security Report

Each year, the University of Georgia Police Department enters required data on the Department of Education web site. Annual data collection and Clery compliance is overseen by the Office of Legal Affairs. The Division of Marketing and Communications maintains the “Safe and Secure” web site and facilitates the public dissemination of this report and other related information.

Clery Act Crime Statistics

Contact the UGA Police Department at:

UGA Police Department
286 Oconee St. Suite 100
Athens, GA, 30602
Emergency Phone: 706‑542‑2200
Records/non-emergencies: 706‑542‑5813