Annual Fire Safety and Security Report

Annual Fire Safety Report

UGA is under the jurisdiction of the State Fire Marshal’s Office of the State of Georgia. Fire safety related matters are regulated by State Law Title 25, Title 8 and Subject 120-3-3 – Rules and Regulations for the State Minimum Fire Safety Standards. Subject 120-3-3 adopts a variety of codes including the Life Safety Code, The International Fire Code, and the International Building Code among others.

Office of Fire Safety, Environmental Safety Division: 

The Office of Fire Safety is a department of the Environmental Safety Division of the University of Georgia. It is charged with providing assistance to the University community in all fire safety-related issues. Fire Safety provides the following services:

1. Inspection of University facilities for compliance with the Life Safety Code and other fire safety related issues. 

2. Review of building plans and inspection of renovations involving University buildings. 

3. Fire safety and fire extinguisher training for University faculty, staff, and students. 

4. Pre-planning for fire emergencies. 

5. Investigation of fires on University properties. 

The Office of Fire Safety can be reached at 706-542-5801 or online for additional information. 

University Housing Policies: 

All residence halls and apartments are equipped with fire detection systems and alarms. Residence halls and University Village apartments are equipped with sprinkler systems, and alarms are directly linked to the UGA Police Department communication center. All hall graduate and professional staff are trained in the appropriate operation of residence hall fire alarm systems and fire alarm panels. All University Housing policies can be viewed in the University Housing Community Guide on the housing website. All housing policies are reviewed on a two-year cycle or sooner, if the need arises.

The following policies relate directly to fire safety: 

  • Appliances/Electronics 
  • Cooking, Health and Sanitation 
  • Decorations/Modifications/Alterations 
  • Door Closures and Exit Doors 
  • Fire Equipment 
  • Fire Hazards 
  • Fire Alarms 
  • Fire Drills 
  • Health and Safety 
  • Smoking 
  • Stairs, Hallways, Breezeways, Decks, and Patios 

In accordance with University regulations, fire drills are conducted in each residential building once per semester. Residents should follow the same procedures for fire drills as they would with any fire alarm and exit the building in a timely manner. All drills will be advertised a minimum of 24 hours in advance. Failure to evacuate in a timely manner may result in referral to the student conduct process.

Residential Facilities — Fire Protection and General Information 2019–2022

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