Annual Fire Safety and Security Report

Fire Safety


Prevention is the best approach to fire. Report fire hazards to the Office of Fire Safety at 706-542-5801 and know what to do in case of fire:

  • Know where fire alarms and portable extinguishers are located. 
  • Know what immediate hazards might cause a fire or become dangerous in a fire (e.g., blocked halls, chemical storage, propped-open smoke and stairway doors). 
  • Know who to call and keep the number near the phone: 911 (from any phone on or off campus) 
  • Know where exits are located. 


  • Pull the fire alarm if one is available and start an orderly evacuation (even for small fires: a closed room can reach 1500 degrees within three minutes). 
  • From a safe location, call the fire department: 911 (any phone on or off campus) 
  • From a safe location, call the UGA police: 706-542-2200. 

If you are trained in the use of portable extinguishers, and it is safe to do so, attempt to put out the fire. If the fire is too large for the use of a portable extinguisher, don’t try to extinguish it yourself. Evacuate the room and close the door.

Report to emergency personnel after you have evacuated.