Annual Fire Safety and Security Report

Bomb Threats

Bomb threats usually come by telephone. If you receive such a call, remain calm and elicit as much information as possible from the caller. Ask: 

  • When will the bomb explode? 
  • Where is it right now? 
  • What does it look like? 
  • What kind of bomb is it? What will cause it to explode? 
  • Why did you select this place for it? 
  • Did you place the bomb? Who did? Why? 
  • What is your address? Your name? 

Call the UGA Police Department immediately at 706-542-2200 to give them the information, describing the caller’s voice, any background noises, and the exact wording of the message. Preserve any caller identification information recorded by the telephone. Notify an official of the building you are in. Don’t touch suspicious packages. Inform the authorities, and let the experts decide what to do.